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Path / File Access Error - Lotusscript
Kevin Franck 30.Nov.99 10:50 AM a Web browser
- Category - Release 4

I currently get the error message "Path / File Access Error" when two of our clients run a segment of lotus script code from a navigator hotspot within their notes client. We have tried new replicas and we can not recreate the error on any other machines besides the two. To make things more difficult, both of the desktop machines are in remote locations. I have looked in both and Lotus/support and have not found much information regarding this error message as it relates to the "open" statement in Lotus Script. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Machine Details:

Machine One -
Computer - E-Machine 400 mhz
Operating system - W98
Chip - Intel Celeron
RAM - 32 MG

Machine Two -
Computer - Digilink (Built for them)
Operating System - W98
Chip - P3
RAM - 128 MG

The following is the lotus script code that causes the error. The specific line that errors is -

Open "DLQ.SFN" For Output As 1

Here is the complete script:

Sub Click(Source As Navigator)

Dim session As New Notessession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim view As NotesView
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim dealerdb As String
Dim blockitem As Variant
Dim blockstring As String
Dim Block (1 To 40, 1 To 40) As String
Dim blockarrayposition As Integer
Dim Row As Integer
Dim Column As Integer

Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
If( Not db.IsOpen ) Then
errorcode = 2
errormsg$ = "Cannot open the Notes database specified in the DealerDatabase environment variables - contact Lester"
Messagebox( errormsg$ )
Exit Sub
End If

' Get View
If( errorcode = 0 ) Then
Set view = db.GetView( "(Replication Log)" )
If( view Is Nothing ) Then
errorcode = 3
errormsg$ = "Could Not Find a View in Replication Log - Contact Lester for Assistance"
Messagebox( errormsg$ )
Exit Sub
End If
End If

' Get doc (Document object)
If( errorcode = 0 ) Then
Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument
If( doc Is Nothing ) Then
errorcode = 4
errormsg$ = "Could Not Find First Document in Replication Log View - Contact Lester for Assistance"
Messagebox( errormsg$ )
Exit Sub
End If
End If

If doc.HasItem( "BLOCK" ) Then
Set BlockItem = doc.GetFirstItem( "BLOCK" )
Blockstring = BlockItem.Text
Blockstring = ""
End If

'Delete Old Copy of File:
' Kill "//DATA//DLQ.SFN"

'Output Block to File
Open "DLQ.SFN" For Output As 1
Width #1,40

blockarrayposition = 1
For row = 1 To 40
outString = Mid$ ( blockstring , blockarrayposition, 40)
Print #1,outString
blockarrayposition = blockarrayposition + 40
Close #1
Messagebox "Lester Quote Authorization Code has been Successfully Installed", 0, "Authorization Installed"

End Sub

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