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How to convert LotusScript to Java
Larry A. Walsh 17.May.00 02:20 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer -- Agents 5.0.3 Windows 95/98

I created a FWForm class that will provide all the function that is needed to create and submit a form.
I do a getfield, setField, and new FWForm. This function works in LotusScript and all but copyallitems
work in Java. Thanks for your help.

How to pass the current document (AgentContext) to the function.

Sample Agent Code:
import lotus.domino.*;
import java.util.*;

public class JavaAgent extends AgentBase {

public void NotesMain() {

try {
Session session = getSession();
AgentContext agentContext = session.getAgentContext();
PrintWriter pw = getAgentOutput();
Database db = agentContext.getCurrentDatabase();
Document doc = agentContext.getDocumentContext();

// Start of API Code
String FormServer = db.getServer(); // Name of the server this archive resides on.
String FormDrawer = db.getFilePath(); // Path and filename of this database.
String FormView = "$FWFormID"; // Name of hidden view in this database that the form blank resides in (don't change).
String FormId = doc.getItemValueString("FormTitle"); // Name of the form blank exactly as it appears in the form blank view.
String ctext = doc.getItemValueString("cname");

// Web Submit code start here

// Check for web login user's name if anonymous post message
String user = doc.getItemValueString("Remote_User");
// String user = doc.getItemValueString("CN=Larry Walsh/OU=LNM3");
String cUser = null;

if ( user == null) {
// System.out.println(" Unknown User name.. Login again to the IBM Forms.<p>");
pw.println ( "<h3>ErrorMsg 1: <font color=00008b><strong>Unknown User name.. Login again to the IBM Forms.</strong><font color=0000ff>" );
return ;
// Check to see if user name is hierachical
Name na = session.createName(user);

// Then set Remote_User to the correct name format for notes ids use addreviated, http use common name

if (na.isHierarchical())
cUser = na.getAbbreviated();
} else {
cUser = na.getCommon();

// Create FormWave document
FWForm newForm = new FWForm(FormServer, FormDrawer, FormView, FormId, pw);

// copy all Items from one document to another
// I tried the following
// boolean flag1 = newForm.InitFWForm(doc);
// String flag1 = newForm.InitFWForm(doc);
// pw.println ( "<h3> Copy all items Format - boolean flag1 = newForm.InitFWForm(doc) <font color=00008b><strong>" + flag1 + "</strong><font color=0000ff>" );

} catch(Exception e) {
PrintWriter ptw = getAgentOutput();
ptw.println ( "<h3> FormWave Submit Error:<font color=00008b><strong>" + e + "</strong><font color=0000ff><br>" );

Sample FWFrom Class:

import lotus.notes.*;
import java.util.*;

public class FWForm {

private Document blankForm;

public FWForm(String formServerName,
String formDBName,
String formViewName,
String formId,
PrintWriter pw) throws NotesException, FWException {
Session s = Session.newInstance();

Database formDrawerDB = s.getDatabase(formServerName, formDBName);
if (!formDrawerDB.isOpen()) {
throw new FWException("FormDrawer database \""+ formDBName +
"\" on Server \"" + formServerName +
"\" did not open.");

View blankBox = formDrawerDB.getView(formViewName);
if (blankBox == null) {
throw new FWException("View \"" + formViewName + "\" was not found.");

blankForm = blankBox.getDocumentByKey(formId, true);
if (blankForm == null) {
throw new FWException("Form \""+formId+"\" was not retrieved.");

} // FWForm constructor

// Problem area...........

public String InitFWForm() throws FWException {
return "";
} // FWForm.InitFWForm()

// public boolean InitFWForm() throws NotesException, FWException {
public String InitFWForm() throws NotesException, FWException {
Document cdoc = blankForm;

if (cdoc.hasItem("_FWAttribute")) {
String GetAttribute = cdoc.getItemValueString("_FWAttribute");
String GetStatus = cdoc.getItemValueString("_FWStatus");
if ((GetAttribute == "FRM") && (GetStatus == "BLANK")) {
return GetAttribute + " - 1 - " + GetStatus;
return "BBB";

} // FWForm.InitFWForm()

}// class FWForm

Sample LotusScript:
Function InitFWForm(copydoc As NotesDocument) As Integer
If copydoc.HasItem("_FWAttribute") Then
GetAttribute = copydoc.GetItemValue("_FWAttribute")
GetStatus = copydoc.GetItemValue("_FWStatus")
If GetAttribute(0) = "FRM" And GetStatus(0) = "BLANK" Then
Forall i In Me.FWDoc.Items
Call Me.FWDoc.RemoveItem(i.Name)
End Forall
Call copydoc.CopyAllItems(Me.FWDoc, False)

InitFWForm = True
InitFWForm = False
APIErrMsg = "API1N500E"
Exit Function
End If
InitFWForm = False
APIErrMsg = "API1N400E"
Exit Function
End If

End Function

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