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CreateLock suddenly says "Operation not supported on this platform"...
David Gilmore 17.May.02 10:42 AM a Web browser
Domino Designer -- LotusScript 5.0.9a Windows NT

- This server is R5.0.10, but that's not an option on the pull-down. Perhaps I should have selected "All Releases"? It may not be.
- I upgraded this server from R5.08 two days ago, but this problem did not manifest itself until this morning, so I am not under the impression it is a server version issue.
- I have some code that uses CreateLock() & etc for mutex-based restriction on a document. This document contains a counter that's used for ticket id generation, and since LotusScript finally has mutex capability I incorporated it.
- This code has been working flawlessly (to the best of my knowledge, at least no errors) in a production environment for over three months. New tickets get the next sequential id and everything is just peachy.
- Today, for no reason that I can determine, it suddenly starts throwing an "Operation not supported on this platform" error in the script library function that generates the ticket id, ie, where the mutex code is, and it does it on the CreateLock() call. Fortunately this is on a development server, so at least the primary application is still online.
- I see on this forum that the mutex functions are only *supposed* to work for a Web Agent, but this has been working in an Agent that runs on the Notes Client (not on the server). The client is R5.0.10 as well, updated at the same time the server was, and has been working for the last two days (until this morning), too.
- There is nothing in the Knowledge Base about why CreateLock would throw this error, nothing in help that *explicitly* says not to use it except for web agents (although it does hint to same), and nothing in this forum about CreateLock and the "Operation not supported on this platform" error.
- Does anyone have any idea why this would suddenly and without provocation (well, i did save the form the ticket generation function is called from - is that provocation?) just toss out an inexplicable and mysterious error?
- Thanks for your time..

CreateLock suddenly says "Operation... (David Gilmore 17.May.02)
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