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Problem with showing multiple values as separate entries
Leo Georgiu 03/14/2011 05:41 PM
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I have problem with showing multiple values as separate entries.
I've tried @explode, @subset, @replacesubstring etc. ...

I have two fields.

First is document number (EV981279) Second is string of 7digit part numbers (75Y0831,75Y1676,45M3090,75Y0851,75Y0834,45M4571,44C8778,60Y6143,44C8729,60Y6195,60Y7156,45M4815,41W1798,44C8733,44C9189,0A35892,60Y6007,75Y0997,75Y1003,75Y1004,75Y1000,45M3419,44C8401,75Y0781,75Y0837,75Y1088,44C9085,44C9071)

In my previous attempts, I got only first Part Number from second column.

I want my view to show this.

Doc. Number |Part Number
EV981279 |75Y0831
ZS987823 |75Y0831

(2 rows)

or this

Doc. Number |Part Number
EV981279 |75Y0831
EV981279 |75Y1676
EV981279 |45M3090
EV981279 |75Y0851
EV981279 |etc.
ZS987823 |75Y0831
ZS987823 |75Y1676
ZS987823 |45M3090
ZS987823 |44C8401

(9 rows)

could you please help me with formulas, and how to setup column properties? I hope this view is possible. Thank you in advance.

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