CMIS Logical Types Explanation for Media Gallery
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on July 23, 2015
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CMIS logical type values supported by the Media Gallery.

All photos and videos stored in the Media Gallery are associated with a CMIS object type. By default the Media Gallery provides a "Social Photo" and "Social Video" object type. However, administrators may import custom object types to add additional fields to the upload dialog in the Media Gallery. An object type may have property elements associated with it in order to add custom fields to the upload dialog in Media Gallery for the corresponding content.

Background on Creating Custom Media Gallery Object Types

For each property in the object type, if the cmis:localNamespace element equals "" then the logical type for the property's field will be based on the cmis:localName element. Otherwise, the value will be based off of the cmis:propertyType element.
If the cmis:propertyType element is used to determine the logicalType, the propertyType is "string" or "long", and there are one or more cmis:choice elements in the property definition then it will use a drop-down option unless the cmis:cardinality element is "multi", which would require a multi-select field. (Note: We do not support multi-select fields in Media Gallery.)

cmis:propertyType element values must match values referenced in the CMIS spec. Values with an "*" asterisk next to them match valid cmis:propertyType values. Note: Your cmis:logicalType should not include the asterisk.

Table 1. Atom API request details

cmis:logicalType (or cmis:propertyType if cmis:logicalType not provided)
Field Provided in User Interface
text, string*, id
text field
multitext, paragraph
multi-line text field
rich text field that uses a slim version of the CKEditor
drop-down with a "true" and "false" option
int, long, short, numberLong
text field that will not accept decimal numbers
number, decimal*, double, numberDouble
text field that will accept decimal numbers
singleSelDropDown, dropdown
drop-down that uses cmis:choice elements for options
date selector input
time selector input
date and time selector input
text field that will expect URL formatted text
person selector field that uses profiles users