Change quota
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This operation is to assign or allocate extra storage for a pooled storage subscription.

Table 1. API details

Method Resource address Operation header
POST resource/subscription/<subscription_id>/seat/<seat_id> changeQuota

This operation allocates specified amount of storage in the seat. EntitlementQuantityAllocated to the specified subscription and updates seat and subscription entities in BSS. It sends change subscriber profile event to the services.


URL parameters

Provide the following parameter.

Table 2. URL parameters

The ID of the subscription for which quota is to be changed.
Yes The ID of the seat for which quota is to be changed.

Input attributes

The input attribute must be a well formatted JSON object.Retrieve most recent payload for the seat using getSeat API.Then modify the payload received and submit as input to changeQuota API

Example payload:

"Seat": {
"SubscriberId": 20000021,
"TermsOfUseId": 4,
"SeatServiceProductAttributeSet": [],
"ProvisioningWorkflowId": 0,
"Created": "02/19/2010 09:55:36",
"Modified": "02/19/2010 09:55:37",
"Oid": 121,
"HasAcceptedTermsOfUse": false,
"SeatState": "ASSIGNED",
"EntitlementQuantityAllocated": 0,
"Owner": 20000034,
"WorkflowIdList": [],
"Version": 6,
"SubscriptionId": 8,
"OptimisticLock": 0,
"Deleted": false,
"Id": 121


Response Codes:


Possible Messages

Reason for Error Message(If Error)


Seat not found.

Incorrect seat id


Subscription not found

Subscription with specified id has been removed



SubscriptionId in the URI must be same as the subscriptionId in Seat JSON

SubscriptionId in the Seat object should be same the subscriptionId in the URI.


ChangeQuota can be called only for Pooled Subscriptions

Subscription should belong to a pooled offering.

  Seat does not belong to the specified Subscription Incorrect seat id.
  Cannot update the Subscriber Id for a Seat.

Cannot change subscriber id in the Seat object being passed as HTTP request body.

  Minimum value for EntitlementQuantityAllocated can be 0.

EntitlementQuantityAllocated of seat cannot be less than zero.

  Required amount of storage is not available on the Subscription. Required amount of storage is not available.
  Enter a value for Seat Id Missing required parameter SeatId
  Seat Id should be a valid integer Integer greater than 0 is valid
  value Enter a valaue for subscription Id. Missing required parameter subscription Id
  Subscription Id should be a valid Integer Integer greater than 0 is valid

For a list of common HTTP status codes that are returned for API calls, see HTTP status codes.

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