Communities API
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The Communities application of IBM® Connections enables people who share a common interest interact with one another.
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The Communities API allows application programs to retrieve community information, subscribe to community updates, and create or modify communities. 

A community with public access is available for all to join, while membership of a restricted community is limited to a particular group. Users can also start a public community with moderated access, allowing them to control membership and manage access to the community's resources. Public communities and moderated communities are visible to all users, but restricted communities can only be seen by community members.

Communities implements the following types of APIs:


Communities implements the Atom Syndication Format (Atom 1.0) to serve up Atom feeds that you can use in your applications to search for and retrieve information from any of the communities created by the people in your organization. The format documented here is what feed readers use to discover updated content in a community.


Communities provides a set of feeds and Service Documents that implement the Atom Publishing Protocol. You can use these publishing APIs in your applications to interact with the Communities application. When interacting with communities to which you are a member, you can add feeds, bookmarks, and forum topics. You can also update and delete content that you created. When interacting with communities to which you are an owner, you can retrieve even more detailed information about the community. You can also add, update, and delete all community content as well as add and delete community members.