Deleting a community forum reply
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You can use the Forums API with the DELETE method to delete a community forum reply.
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Because replies often have child replies associated with them, when you delete a reply from a forum, the reply is not entirely removed. Instead, if you use the HTTP DELETE command to delete the reply, the reply content is replaced with a standard message that states that the content has been removed. If you want a custom message to be displayed, use the HTTP PUT command instead.

Only the owner of a community can delete a forum reply from it. Deleted replies cannot be restored.

Note: If you want to customize the message that is displayed when the reply is deleted, use a PUT method to delete the reply instead. Be sure to provide the <category scheme=" term="deleted"> element in the entry content. See Updating a community forum reply for more information.

Method URI Description
DELETE /forums/atom/reply Value of the href attribute of <link> element that has a rel="edit" attribute value for each entry in the forum replies feed.
Name Type Optional Description
string No The UUID of the reply you wish to delete
Code Description
Indicates that the forum reply was successfully deleted (and no content is returned).
Not Found.