Deleting a file share
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Delete a file share.

Only the owner of a file can delete shares from that file.

Note: {document-id} is the value of the <td:uuid> element in the file's Atom entry document.

You can use the following header.

You can use one or more of these input parameters. Separate multiple parameters with an ampersand (&).

Method URI Description
DELETE /files/{auth}/api/shares/feed Delete a file share programmatically.
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated No The authorization protocol being used by your application to access Connections Cloud.
Authorized values:
  • basic
  • oauth
Name Type Optional Description
string No String. Document uuid. Delete a set of share resources for the specified document. This is the value of the <td:uuid> element in the file's Atom entry document.
string Yes User ID of the user with whom the document has been shared, but you would like to prevent from having access to it. You can specify more than one person. Separate multiple user IDs with a comma. Any share resources for the document that have the specified users as targets of the share will be deleted. The default is to delete the document's shares with all users.
Name Type Optional Description
string Yes Tunnels a DELETE request over HTTP POST
string Yes String. Represents a unique data string generated by the server upon request that you can provide to secure the request. See Getting a nonce key for information about how to request the data string.
enumerated No The authentication mechanism selected by your application to access the API.
Basic is the Base64 encoding of the IBM Connections Cloud username and password: Base64(username:password). For example, Base64(
Bearer is the oauth 2.0 access token that is generated when the user grants your application access to IBM Connections Cloud services.
See the reference topic "OAuth 2.0 APIs for web server flow" for more information.
Authorized values:
  • bearer
  • basic
Code Description
Indicates that the file metadata was successfully deleted.
Not Found.