Evidence Element
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In some cases when an application answers a social search request, it is important for the response to provide evidence of why the particular results were returned. For example, in the context of the Social Recommendations API ic45Create New Article, adding evidence has been shown to increase users' trust in the system. Another example is the Social Network (Graph) API ic45Create New Article, when looking for people related to some person, providing evidence helps the user understand the person-to-person associations.

In light of this, the Search API ic45Create New Article responses can be augmented with two type of evidence elements: entity_evidence and association_evidence.

Response elements definitions

Defines an entity evidence element.
The type of the evidence element. Must comply with the types defined for "social" elements in Search APICreate New Article.
The identifier of the evidence element.
Defines an association evidence element between two entities. No body allowed for association_evidence elements.
The entity from which the association evidence points.
The entity to which the association evidence points.
The type of the association.
The number of associations of the given type between the two involved entities.