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The Forums application of IBM® Connections enables a team to discuss issues that are pertinent to their work. The Forums API allows application programs to create new forums, and to read and modify existing forums. Users can use the Forums application to start discussions about a specific topic or to debate solutions to shared problems. By participating in a forum, users can exchange ideas, ask questions, and use the expertise of people in their organization. A forum can be stand-alone or be associated with a community. In a stand-alone forum, anyone can post a topic or respond to a topic, but only a community member can participate in a community forum.

Forums implements the following APIs:


Forums implements the Atom Syndication Format (Atom 1.0) to serve Atom feeds that you can use in your applications to search for and retrieve information from any of the forums created by the people in your organization. The format documented here is what feed readers use to discover updated content in a forum.


Forums implements the Atom Publishing Protocol to enable you to manipulate Forums content. Forums provides a service document and some category documents. The service document contains the currently authenticated user's collections and feeds. You can use the publishing APIs in your applications to perform actions, such as creating a forum. When interacting with forums to which you have owner access, you can retrieve more detailed information about the forum. You can also delete, restore, or update the forum and any of its topics. When interacting with forums to which you have author access, you can update, delete, and restore any forum topics that you authored; you can also add new topics.


Kevin Holohan commented on Apr 22, 2016

Re: Getting Forums feeds

Correct me if I am wrong, but this entire section is irrelevant for Connections Cloud as it does not have stand alone Forums