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This operation gets Apps / Service component list, from the BSS system, which belongs to the organization of the currently logged in Customer Administrator. Customer Administrator calling this API may or may not specify the Customer Id. If it is specified, it should match with the Id of the organization of the logged-in Customer Administrator. If this is not the case, an error 'User is not authorized to perform this operation' will be thrown. If the Customer Id is not specified, all Apps / Service components belonging to user's organization will be returned.

If the person calling this API belong to CSG (CSR or CSRManager) instead of being a Customer Administrator, then the Apps / Service component list for the organization specified by the parameter for Customer Id.

The API caller must have the "CustomerAdministrator","CSR","CSRManager" or"AppDeveloper" role to run the API.

Table 1. API details

Method Resource address Operation header
GET /resource/servicecomponent None



URL parameters

Table 2. Parameters



The internal ID of the customer.
No Authentication filter type of the applications. If this parameter is provided then only those components will be fetched that use provided authentication type. only 2 values are allowed "oauth2_web_server_flow_supported" for oauth2 components and "basic_app_flow" for basic authentication apps.

For a list of common HTTP status codes that are returned for API calls, see HTTP status codes.

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