Get seat details by subscription ID
Added by IBM contributorElizabeth Bowling | Edited by Vidyashri Hegde on March 17, 2015
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Retrieves the details of the specified seat for a specified subscription.

The API caller must have the VSR or CustomerAdministrator role to run the API.

This operation first checks for the existence of the subscription with specified subscription_id, then checks whether the seat specified by seat_id exists. Finally it validates that the seat specified by seat_id belongs to subscription specified by subscription_id before returning the seat details.

Method URI Description
GET resource/subscription/<subscription_id>/seat/<seat_id> Provide both the subscription ID and the seat ID.
Name Type Optional Description
number Yes The ID of the subscription that owns the seat.
number Yes The ID of the seat.
Code Description
Input format error. Returned for any of the following reasons:
- Seat does not belong to the given Subscription
Returned when the specified seat does not belong to the specified subscription.
- Subscription Id should be a valid integer.
The subscription_id passed in the URI is less than 0
- Seat Id should be a valid integer.
The seat_id passed in the URI is less than or equal to 0.
- Invalid URI.
The URI probably contains non-numeric values for subscription_id and/or seat_id.
Data not found. Returned for either of the following reasons:
- Subscription with ID subscription_id not found.
The subscription for the specified subscription_id does not exist (or was deleted).
- Seat with specified ID does not exist.
The specified seat_id does not exist (or was deleted) for the specified subscription_id.
The request for details on seat 110286 belonging to subscription 59670results in the output that follows. Note the seat_id '110286' and subscription_id '59670' appear in the response JSON.
GET resource/subscription/59670/seat/110286

Response returned by the server
  "Seat": {
    "SeatServiceProductAttributeSet": [

    "Created":"08\/22\/2014 05:40:37",
    "Modified":"08\/22\/2014 05:40:37",
    "WorkflowIdList": [