Getting Related Communities feeds
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 9, 2015
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Use the Atom subscription API to retrieve resources from the Related Communities widget hosted by a community.

Request parameters

You can use one or more of the input parameters to limit the number of entries returned in the feed. Separate multiple parameters with an ampersand (&).

Method URI Description
GET /communities/recomm/atom/relatedCommunities Get a feed that includes the Related Community entries in a specific community.
Name Type Optional Description
string No The uuid of the community which you want to add this Related Community to.
int Yes Page number. Specifies the page to be returned. The default value is 1, which returns the first page.
int Yes Page size. Specifies the number of entries to return per page. The default value is 16. The maximum value you can specify is 100
enumerated Yes Default value is lastmod. Specifies what to sort the returned entries by. Options are:
Sorts the entries by the name.
Sorts the entries by the last modified date.
Authorized values:
  • name
  • lastmod
enumerated Yes Specifies the order in which to sort the results. The options are:
Sorts the results in ascending order.
Sorts the results in descending order.
Authorized values:
  • asc
  • desc
Content Type: application/atom+xml
Code Description
OK. Indicates that the request was received successfully.
An Atom feed document containing the Related Community atom entries.
  GET /communities/recomm/atom/relatedCommunities?communityUuid=bfcec17e-235c-4bd7-9fd5-2ba98779bd70 HTTP/1.1

Response returned by the server
 HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden


	HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request or 500 or others

	Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8


	<error xmlns="">


	<message>Error message </message>

	<trace>Exception trace </trace>



	HTTP/1.1 200 OK

	Content-Type: application/atom+xml


	<feed xmlns="" xmlns:opensearch="" xmlns:snx="">

	<generator uri="" version="">IBM Connections - Related Communities</generator>

	<opensearch:totalResults xmlns:opensearch="">1</opensearch:totalResults>

	<opensearch:startIndex xmlns:opensearch="">1</opensearch:startIndex>

	<opensearch:itemsPerPage xmlns:opensearch="">10</opensearch:itemsPerPage>


	<title type="text">Related Communities of A testing parent community</title>


	<link href="" rel="self" type="application/atom+xml">

	<link href="" rel="alternate" type="text/html">

	<snx:communityUuid xmlns:snx="">bfcec17e-235c-4bd7-9fd5-2ba98779bd70</snx:communityUuid>

	<link href="" rel="" type="application/atom+xml">

	<snx:permissions xmlns:snx="">view,add</snx:permissions>

	<entry xmlns:snx="">


	<snx:communityUuid xmlns:snx="">bfcec17e-235c-4bd7-9fd5-2ba98779bd70</snx:communityUuid>

	<snx:relatedCommunityUuid xmlns:snx="">dc1a846d-59c3-4c95-9d13-6724582ab170</snx:relatedCommunityUuid>

	<snx:permissions xmlns:snx="">edit,delete</snx:permissions>

	<title type="text">This is a related community</title>



	<snx:userid xmlns:snx="">50730340-0101-102e-88f0-f78755f7e0ed</snx:userid>


	<name>Amy Jones22</name>

	<snx:userState xmlns:snx="">active</snx:userState>




	<snx:userid xmlns:snx="">50730340-0101-102e-88f0-f78755f7e0ed</snx:userid>


	<name>Amy Jones22</name>

	<snx:userState xmlns:snx="">active</snx:userState>


	<content type="text">Add a related community.</content>

	<category scheme="" term="relatedCommunity"></category>

	<link href="" rel="" type="text/html">

	<link href="" rel="alternate" type="text/html">

	<link href="" rel="self" type="application/atom+xml">

	<link href="" rel="edit" type="application/atom+xml">