Getting a feed of all recommended blog posts
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Get a feed that includes all of the recommended blog posts in all of the blogs hosted by the Blogs application.

Request parameters

You can use one or more input parameters to limit the number of blog posts returned in the feed. Separate multiple parameters with an ampersand (&).


This will result in an Atom feed document containing the recommended blog posts. You can cache the returned feed.


The HTTP response would look as follows:

< HTTP/1.1 200 OK

< Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 22:13:41 GMT

< Server: IBM_HTTP_Server

< Last-Modified: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 15:27:41 GMT

< Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=0000qS9OBdXn_r21G4G2gQrwODW:-1; Path=/

< Expires: Thu, 01 Dec 1994 16:00:00 GMT

< Cache-Control: no-cache="set-cookie, set-cookie2"

< Transfer-Encoding: chunked

< Content-Type: application/atom+xml

< Content-Language: en-US


Method URI Description
GET /blogs/{homepage}/feed/recommended/atom
Name Type Optional Description
string No {homepage} represents the blog handle of the blog configured to be the home page of the Blogs application. The handle is defined when the home page blog is created by the administrator, and is defined in the <snx:BlogsHomepageHandle> element in the service document for Blogs.
Name Type Optional Description
string Yes Narrows down the posts returned in the feed to only those recommended by a single person who you specify by internet email address. Format the HTTP request using the proper URL encoding. For example, the encoded form of the @ symbol is %40 as in:
Note: Do not provide this parameter if IBM® Connections is configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed. It will return an error. Use the userid parameter instead.
int No Page number. Specifies the page to be returned. The default value is 1, which returns the first page.
Note: Specifying 0 returns the first page also. This option is supported for backwards compatability only; it will be deprecated in a future release.
int Yes Page size. Specifies the number of entries to return per page. The default value is 10. The maximum value you can specify is 50.
enumerated Yes Specifies what value to use as the basis for organizing the entries returned in the feed. The options are:
Sorts the entries by the last modified date.
Sorts the entries by the number of times the item was recommended.
Use with the sortOrder parameter to specify which to show first: the most recent or oldest posts or the posts with the most or least recommendations.
Authorized values:
  • modified
  • recommended
enumerated Yes Specifies the order in which to sort the results. The options are:
Sorts the results in ascending order.
Sorts the results in descending order.
Authorized values:
  • asc
  • desc
string Yes Returns blog posts with the specified tags. Separate multiple tags with a plus sign (+).
string Yes Narrows down the posts returned in the feed to only those recommended by a single person who you specify by unique ID. This value is specified in the <snx:userid> element.
Content Type: application/atom+xml
Code Description
OK. Indicates that the request was received successfully.
> GET /blogs/home/feed/recommended/atom HTTP/1.1

> Authorization: Basic ...

> Host:

> Accept: */*