Getting a feed of violation types for folder actionsSince 8/2015
Added by IBM contributorElizabeth Bowling | Edited by IBM contributorElizabeth Bowling on September 17, 2015
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Retrieve a list of errors encountered during a specified folder action.

This method requires authentication.

Method URI Description
GET /files/{auth}/api/collection/{collection-id}/violation/{violationLabel}/feed Retrieves violation types for the specified collection action (violationLabel).
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated No The authorization protocol being used by your application to access Connections Cloud.
Authorized values:
  • basic
  • oauth
string No The ID of the folder that was affected by the folder actions.
enumerated No String. Specifies the folder action for which you are retrieving the list of violations.
Authorized values:
  • failToMove
  • failToAdd
Name Type Optional Description
string No The collection-id of the target collection for the specified collection action.
number Yes Page size. Specifies the number of entries to return per page. The default value is 10; the maximum value is 500.
Note: This parameter replaces the pageSize parameter. The pageSize parameter is supported for backwards compatibility only; it will be deprecated in a future release.
number Yes Page number. Specifies the page to be returned. The default value is 1, which returns the first page
enumerated Yes String. Specifies the sort category. For this API, the only allowed value is document.
Authorized values:
  • document
enumerated Yes String. Specifies what to sort the returned entries by:
created - Sorts the entries by the date the item was created.
modified - Sorts the entries by the date the item was last modified.
updated - Sorts the entries by the date the item, or its metadata, was last modified.
published - Sorts the entries by the date the item was published (usually related to atom:published element).
title - Sorts the entries alphabetically by title.
The default value of this parameter is modified. If no sC parameter is included, the only allowed value for sortBy is added.

Authorized values:
  • created
  • modified
  • published
  • title
  • updated
  • added
enumerated Yes String. Specifies the order in which to sort the results. The options are:
asc - Sorts the results in ascending order.
desc - Sorts the results in descending order.
If a value is specified for the sortBy parameter, but none is specified for this parameter, then this parameter defaults to asc. If neither is specified, this parameter defaults to desc.
Authorized values:
  • asc
  • desc
enumerated Yes String. Filter the items by the specified item type--for this API, the only allowed value is document (sort by file).
Authorized values:
  • document
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated No The authentication mechanism selected by your application to access the API.
Basic is the Base64 encoding of the IBM Connections Cloud username and password: Base64(username:password). For example, Base64(
Bearer is the oauth 2.0 access token that is generated when the user grants your application access to IBM Connections Cloud services.
See the reference topic "OAuth 2.0 APIs for web server flow" for more information.
Authorized values:
  • basic
  • bearer
Code Description
OK. Indicates that the request was received successfully.
Internal server error. The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.
Forbidden. The server refuses to fulfill a request, typically because the request was for an object that you don't have permission to access.
Unauthorized. Returned when no authenticated user or no userid, email, or key parameter are provided on the request.
Item Not Found.
Response body
<td:error xmlns:td="">
<td:errorMessage>EJPVJ9926E: Unable to get the collection with the ID 0452be09-a3fc-4cea-889b-e8ac5b6b88c5.</td:errorMessage>