Getting a list of recommenders
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Retrieve a feed that lists the people who have recommended a blog posting.
To get a list of recommenders, complete the following steps:
1. Retrieve the blog entry that you want to recommend. See Retrieving blog posts.
2. In the returned entry document, find the <app:collection> element that has a child <title> element with a value of Recommendations, and then send a GET request to the web address defined in the href attribute of that element.

If done properly, you will create a feed that lists the names of the people who have recommended the blog posting.

Method URI Description
GET /blogs/{communityUuid}/api/recommend/entries/{entryId} Value of the href attribute of the <app:collection> element that has a child <title> element with a value of Recommendations in the blog entry.
Name Type Optional Description
string No Community UUID of the blog entry
string No The ID of the blog entry.
Content Type: application/atom+xml
Code Description
Unauthorized. Returned when no authenticated user or no userid, email, or key parameter are provided on the request.
For example, the following feed indicates that one person, named Amy Murphy, has recommended the entry.

Response returned by the server
<?xml version="1.0" ?>

	<feed xmlns="">




	uri="">IBM Connections - Blogs



	<title type="text">Entry Recommended By</title>





	type="application/atom+xml" />





	<title type="text">Amy Murphy</title>

	<summary type="text">Amy Murphy</summary>


	<category term="person" scheme="" />


	<name>Amy Murphy</name>


	<snx:userid xmlns:snx="">