Getting the People Feed
Added by IBM contributorPaul Bastide | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 29, 2015
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This API details how applications can use this to search for a particular person or list of people, and getting their configured settings.


Method URI Description
GET /files/{auth}/api/people/feed Gets the Settings for the User's File Repository
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated No the authentication type
Authorized values:
  • basic
  • oauth
  • form
Name Type Optional Description
boolean Yes If true , returns a people object for the current authenticated user. If no user is authenticated then it returns nothing. If this argument is set to true all other arguments are ignored
string Yes If set this will return a people object for the user specified with the passed in URI. Both the fastlist and the directory will be searched in that order and if no user is found, nothing will be returned. If this argument is passed, all other arguments are ignored (the self argument takes precedence over this if both are passed)
enumerated Yes sort the returned results by the name of the user. will not change which results are returned, only the order they are returned in.
Authorized values:
  • asc
  • dsc
enumerated Yes specifies the return format
Authorized values:
  • xml
  • json
string Yes String (ex: "ste", "derek") String to use in the person search. This argument is required if neither self or uri are passed. The string length must be longer than 1
enumerated No Type of search to perform, searches can be done on the users fast list or on the entire directory. This is only used if searchString is passed as an argument and will default to fastlist in that case
Authorized values:
  • fastlist
  • directory
int Yes The page number of the results retrieved. Will be ignored if searchType is 'directory'.
int Yes Specifies the number of items to include in the page
string Yes The starting index of the results retrieved. Can't set this argument when searchType is 'directory', Ignored if page is provided
boolean Yes When performing a directory search, return back the additional user data tracked by the system if the requesting user has logged into the system
string Yes If stated, and only when used in conjunction with a search, will limit the results to active users. Otherwise, the default is return users in any state.
Code Description
Unauthorized. Returned when no authenticated user or no userid, email, or key parameter are provided on the request.