HTTP status codes
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 8, 2015
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The IBM SmartCloud™ SaaS Business Support System (BSS) APIs return HTTP status codes for every request.

See the following table for details.

Table 1. HTTP status codes and explanations

HTTP response codes
The client successfully requested the contents of a single resource.
The operation on the server was completed successfully.
This request results in asynchronous processing on the server.
The request resulted in the successful creation, update, or deletion of the resource.
The client requested the contents of more than one resource from the server.
The client made a request to view content that has not been updated since the last time the same request was submitted to the server.
The client submitted a request that is malformed, for example an illegal argument, a missing argument, or incomprehensible JavaScript™ Object Notation (JSON).
The client tried to invoke an operation on a resource without proper credentials.
The client sent a request to a resource that the server is currently not making available due to an authorization error.
The client requested an operation on a resource that does not exists.
The client is trying to perform an operation on a resource that is not supported.
The client request cannot be submitted because it would put the resource in an inconsistent state, for example trying to delete a customer account that has active subscriptions.
The client submitted a request that caused a server-side exception that does not match any existing response codes.
The client submitted a request to a server that is busy with other tasks.