Handling attachments
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 9, 2015
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An "attachment" is a reference to an external resource by url with additional meta-data. A single attachment can be added to a microblog post.


The following attributes are supported:
  • url (mandatory) - link to the referenced object
  • id (mandatory) - the id of the referenced object. For example the id of a file
  • author - an ActivityObject representing the author of the attachment. Note that only the id attribute is handled on POST. The id must be the external id of a IBM Connections user.
  • displayName - human readable name of the attachment
  • image - a url to a thumbnail image for the attachment
  • summary - human readable description
  • published - timestamp representing the creation date of the attachment

Note: Only one attachment is supported in Connections - additional attachments will be ignored.

Sample POST with attachment