IBM Connections OpenSocial API
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 10, 2015
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This page and those that follow represent a description of the REST API used to interact with the Open Social APIs implemented and extended by IBM Connections. First amongst these is the Activity Stream API which is based on the Open Social adoption of the Activity Stream APIs from the separate ActivityStreams community. IBM Connections has both adopted and considerably extended this API to provide a comprehensive Activity Stream experience, adding support for such concepts as public and community scoped streams. The microblogging API is a new API currently being proposed as a standard for Open Social adoption that facilitates the submission of short text messages (optionally including a file attachment) to a persons 'board'. Finally, there is a minimal implementation of the Open Social people API in order to query some basic information about a given user. It is worth noting that IBM has been a key contributor to the integration of ActivityStreams into the Open Social Standard and has pushed for inclusion of many of the features that enable the rich Activity Streams experience seen in IBM Connections 4.5.