Moving Nodes Under Different Activities or Nodes
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on July 7, 2015
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To move an activity node to another activity node, use an HTTP POST request.

Send a HTTP POST request with the UUID of the destination node to which the activity node is to be moved, and the UUID of the activity node that is to be moved. No request body is sent with the request. Entry, Todo and Section can be moved to activities under other Entry, Todo and Activities. A Section can only be moved under an Activity. Note that you can move a reply which has replies, so you can move a full thread to a different destination, even in a different Activity.

Method URI Description
POST /activities/service/atom2/moveEntry
Use the table below that represents the expected fields:
Name Type Optional Description
string No The activity node or reply which is to be moved
string No The destination node or reply which will contain the entry
int Yes Position relative to other entries of the destination node
Content Type: application/atom+xml
Code Description
OK. Indicates that the request was received successfully.
Returned if either of the mandatory parameters is missing / empty OR if the destination node has been deleted or invalid OR if the destination node is of the wrong type (i.e. not of type NodeTypes.ENTRY or NodeTypes.TASK or NodeTypes.SECTION or NodeTypes.REPLY) OR if an error occurred parsing the position (i.e. if position was not a number) OR if the source node value is invalid
Returned if either of the node was not found
Unauthorized. Returned when no authenticated user or no userid, email, or key parameter are provided on the request.
Forbidden. The server refuses to fulfill a request, typically because the request was for an object that you don't have permission to access.
POST /activities/service/atom2/moveEntry?activityNodeUuid=8c936355-21f9-4aa2-8911-0ccdfcce42dd&destNodeUuid=e0cd25fa-ab22-48c4-8eeb-8a4d084261a7

Response returned by the server
<entry xmlns=""
  xmlns:thr="" xmlns:xhtml="">
  <title type="text">Source ActivityNode</title>
    <name>Amy Jones1</name>
    <name>Amy Jones1</name>
  <category label="Entry" scheme="" term="entry"/>
  <category label="Internal"
    scheme="" term="internal"/>
    source="" type="application/atom+xml"/>
    rel="edit" type="application/atom+xml"/>
    rel="self" type="application/atom+xml"/>
    rel="alternate" type="application/xhtml+xml"/>
    rel="alternate" type="text/html"/>
  <snx:permissions>none, create_activity, view_activity, edit_activity, delete_activity, activity_owner, edit_activity_tags, design_activity, edit_statements, delete_statements, add_members, delete_members, create_entries, edit_personal_entries, edit_all_entries, delete_personal_entries, delete_all_entries, edit_personal_entry_tags, edit_all_entry_tags, view_members</snx:permissions>
  <summary type="text"/>
  <snx:field fid="c3707df8-1450-4ca9-b127-227772e835f4" name="test_text"
    position="1000" type="text">
    <summary type="text">Test_Text_Field</summary>