Pagination support for HTTP GET calls
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 8, 2015
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Use optional parameters to add pagination for long lists of values in API responses.

Several IBM Connections Cloud™ SaaS Business Support System APIs return a list or array of values in the response. For example, the API to get a list of subscribers in the customer organization returns all the subscribers. If the number of items in the list is large, the response can be complex and cause performance issues.

To provide a solution, the following optional parameters are available so that the client program can handle the returned data one block (or page) at a time.

Optional parameters

Table 1. Optional pagination parameters

Specify the number of the page that you want to be returned first. If no value is specified, the default value is 1.
Specify the number of items to be retuned in one page (request). The maximum value allowed is 100. Any value higher than 100 causes the API to fail with an error. If no value is specified, the default value is 25.