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Before using IBM SmartCloud™ SaaS Business Support System (BSS) APIs, you must set up a vendor and get authorization to call APIs.

Registering as a new vendor

To register as a new vendor, contact the IBM® Customer Support Group (CSG). After you are registered, request your internal customer ID and a vendor ID, since these IDs are required when calling certain APIs. Next, you will receive an email with a link to set up your initial password.

Obtaining authorization to call APIs

To make BSS API calls, you need to obtain authorization through either Basic Authentication or Open Authorization (OAuth) 1.0 or 2.0.

Basic Authentication

You can send the API caller credentials, which include user names and passwords, to make API calls. BSS uses the HTTPS protocol to prohibit third parties from intercepting the HTTPS calls and getting user credentials. However, this authorization method is not as secure because it prohibits the application for multiple users unless action is taken to protect the passwords.


You can use the three-legged OAuth calling mechanism to call APIs. BSS supports versions 1.0a and 2.0 of the OAuth protocol.