Retrieving an extensionJanuary 2016
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Retrieve a specified extension from Connections Cloud.
A successful request returns the data of the specified extension ("extid", "name", "type", "description", "urls", and "payload").
Method URI Description
GET /appregistry/api/v1/extensions/{extid} Retrieves the information for a specified extension.
Content Type: application/json
Name Type Optional Description
string No The ID of the extension to be retrieved.
Code Description
OK. The extension was successfully retrieved.
The extension specified by the extId parameter could not be found.
Retrieving a specific extension requires the GET method with a URL that includes the ID of the extension (there is no body in the request). The response contains the extension's fields.

Response returned by the server
{"urls":{"icon_url":"testIconURLupd","url":"testURLupd"},"type":"type update","name":"jmet update","description":"description update","extid":"2b7e1014-6f2d-4cd0-8b5f-7748c2d4f1b8","payload":{"type":"community_widget","name":"Members","description":"","payload":{"defId":"Members","modes":"view fullpage","uniqueInstance":"true","primaryWidget":"false","showInPalette":"false","helpLink":"{helpSvcRef}\/topic\/\/t_com_membership_view.html","itemSet":[{"value":"12","name":"membersPerPage"},{"value":"16","name":"membersPerPageFullPage"}],"url":"{webresourcesSvcRef}\/web\/lconn.comm\/communityMembers\/communityMembers.xml?etag={version}"}}}