Retrieving microblog entries
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 30, 2015
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The APIs discussed here can be used to retrieve messages from the microblogging service. There are two kinds of posts that can be made. The first are microblog entries. These are either messages posted to a users own board (their status updates) or posts made to another users board. The second are microblog comments. These are posted in response to existing microblog entries


The standard Open Social paging parameters can be used to filter the number of entries received, including:

  • startIndex = N
  • count = N
  • sortBy=published
  • sortOrder=ascending | descending


Method URI Description
GET /connections/opensocial/{auth}/rest/ublog/@me/@all Updates to my board
GET /connections/opensocial/{auth}/rest/ublog/{userId}/@all Updates to a given user's board
GET /connections/opensocial/{auth}/rest/ublog/{userId}/@all/{postId}/comments Comments on a given message
Name Type Optional Description
string No is a any valid user id (including the current user in which case it is the same as specifying @me )
string No is the id returned for a microblog entry (see example below)
enumerated No The authorization protocol being used by your application to access Connections Cloud.
Authorized values:
  • basic
  • oauth
Name Type Optional Description
int Yes startIndex (as per standard Open Social paging parameters)
int Yes count (as per standard Open Social paging parameters)
string Yes sortBy (as per standard Open Social paging parameters)
e.g. published
enumerated Yes sortOrder (as per standard Open Social paging parameters)
Authorized values:
  • ascending
  • descending
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated No The authentication mechanism selected by your application to access the API.
Basic is the Base64 encoding of the IBM Connections Cloud username and password: Base64(username:password). For example, Base64(
Bearer is the oauth 2.0 access token that is generated when the user grants your application access to IBM Connections Cloud services.
See the reference topic "OAuth 2.0 APIs for web server flow" for more information.
Authorized values:
  • bearer
  • basic
Content Type: application/json
Code Description
Unauthorized. Returned when no authenticated user or no userid, email, or key parameter are provided on the request.
The data model returned is a subset of that used by the Activity Stream. On retrieval you will see the following for example:

Response returned by the server

    "startIndex" : 0,

    "totalResults" : 2,

    "filtered" : true,

    "itemsPerPage" : 2,

    "sorted" : true,

    "list" : [


                "summary" : "Another microblog entry",

                "replies" : {

                   . . . . .


                "content" : "Another microblog entry",

                "objectType" : "note",

                "author" : {

                   . . . . .


                "id" : <postid>,

                "likes" : {

                   . . . . .


                "published" : "2012-08-17T12:41:42.224Z",

                "url" : ""


    "updatedSince" : true