Legacy Contacts API
Added by IBM contributorPaul Bastide | Edited by IBM contributorPaul Bastide on November 5, 2014
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The contacts service displays the connections of a selected user. Deprecated September 2014.
Get data for a collection of contacts that are stored in a data source. Data returned can include user display names, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and more.

For each of the following examples, the output representation can be JavaScriptâ„¢ Object Notation (JSON), Atom XML, or XML format.

The {user_guid} variable is an identifier used in the following format: lotuslive:user:{subscriberId}, for example lotuslive:user:20001460.
Method URI Description
GET /lotuslive-shindig-server/social/rest/people/@me/@all Returns a collection of contacts for the {user_guid} user. get my contacts.
format could be json, xml or atom. Default value is json
GET /lotuslive-shindig-server/social/rest/people/@me/@friends Returns a collection of all users connected to the {user_guid} user.
GET /lotuslive-shindig-server/social/rest/people/lotuslive:contact:{contactId}/@self Returns a collection of contacts for the requestor.
Use the table below that represents the expected fields:
Name Type Optional Description
string Yes The contact ID of the user for whom you want to get the contacts/connections
Name Type Optional Description
number Yes The starting index for a particular contact set
int Yes The count of results to return
string Yes Set the value to use with the filterOp parameter.
Example URL: https://{server}/lotuslive-shindig-server/social/rest/people/@me/@all?format=json&filterBy=emailAddress&filterOp=equals&filterValue=john-doe@mailinator.com. filterBy=contacts is also a valid value
string No Set the value as equals to use for the filterBy field. Example URL: https://{server}/lotuslive-shindig-server/social/rest/people/@me/@all?format=json&filterBy=emailAddress&filterOp=equals&filterValue=john-doe@mailinator.com.
string Yes Set a value as emailAddress or displayName to specify a filtering criteria. Example URL: https://{server}/lotuslive-shindig-server/social/rest/people/@me/@all?format=json&filterBy=emailAddress&filterOp=equals&filterValue=john-doe@mailinator.com. you may also choose filterBy=type https://{server}/lotuslive-shindig-server/social/rest/people/@me/@all?filterBy=type&filterOp=equals&filterValue=contacts&format=json
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated Yes
Authorized values:
  • application/json
  • application/xml
  • application/atom+xml