Tag Type Ahead API
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This document describes the API call which enables retrieval of the set of tags which have the prefix you specify using the 'tag' parameter.

Note that this API does not return all tags that are associated with documents that you have access to. It only returns public tags, tags you've tagged Profiles with (if you are authenticated) and tags associated with documents that you are the only author of (if you are authenticated). If the identifier of a community is specified using the containerId parameter, the tags associated with that community will be returned in addition to the tags that would otherwise be returned.

Context Paths

There are a number of different context paths available for this API in order to allow for different authentication mechanisms:-

/search/json/tag None


The order of the parameters in the requests do not matter. The parameter names are case-sensitive; they must be entered in the format documented. Any unknown or unsupported parameters submitted as part of a request will be ignored.

The request should be a standard HTTP GET command. The URL is formed by combining the search server's host name, port and path; as well as a collection of name-value pairs (input parameters) separated by & characters. Any parameter value must be URL-escaped.

The parameters allowed are given in the following table:

The prefix for which you wish to retrieve tags
Minimum length is 3 characters. Case insensitive.
The identifier of the community whose tags use wish to include in the search results
Note that specifying the identifier of a community will ensure the inclusion of the tags from that community. It will not restrict the results to the tags from that community.


An example of a call for retrieving tags for the currently logged in user would be:



Response Format

The response is a JSON array of the tags that match the prefix you specify.


["connections","connectivity","connection","connect","connections lotus","connector","connections2.5","connectors","connections_2.5","connections-3.0"]