Tools for using BSS APIs
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on August 25, 2015
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IBM Connections Cloud™ SaaS Business Support System (BSS) APIs are REST based and can be invoked in variety of programming languages.

cURL utility

You can use cURL to try and test BSS APIs. cURL is a free utility for making HTTP calls via a command-line interface.

Note: BSS APIs were tested with cURL version 7.9.16.

The following examples demonstrate how to invoke BSS APIs. Contact the IBM® Customer Service Group (CSG) to obtain the server-url value.

Get customer with ID (HTTP GET)

curl -u <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer/12345678

Get subscriber by email address (HTTP GET with query parameters)

curl -u -X GET "<server-url>/api/bss/resource/subscriber?_namedQuery=getSubscriberByEmailAddress&"
Note: Be sure to enclose the URL with double quotation marks.

Register customer (HTTP POST)

curl -u -X POST --data-binary @customer.json <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer

Unsuspend customer ((HTTP POST with HTTP header)

curl -u  -X POST --header "x-operation: unsuspendCustomer"  <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer/12345678

Update customer (HTTP PUT)

curl -u  -X PUT --data-binary @customerUpdated.json <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer/12345678

Delete customer (HTTP DELETE)

curl -u  -X DELETE <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer/12345678