Tools for using BSS APIs
Added by IBM contributorIBM | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 15, 2015
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IBM Connections Cloud™ SaaS Business Support System (BSS) APIs are REST based and can be invoked in variety of programming languages. IBM provides a simple tool for exploring and testing APIs and some samples for invoking APIs through cURL, a free utility.

BSS API explorer

The BSS API explorer is a tool for experimenting with APIs with no coding. To access the explorer, go to the" target="external">Lotus Greenhouse website.

cURL utility

You can use cURL to try and test BSS APIs. cURL is a free utility for making HTTP calls via a command-line interface.

Note: BSS APIs were tested with cURL version 7.9.16.

The following examples demonstrate how to invoke BSS APIs. Contact the IBM® Customer Service Group (CSG) to obtain the server-url value.

Get customer with ID (HTTP GET)

curl -u <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer/12345678

Get subscriber by email address (HTTP GET with query parameters)

curl -u -X GET "<server-url>/api/bss/resource/subscriber?_namedQuery=getSubscriberByEmailAddress&"
Note: Be sure to enclose the URL with double quotation marks.

Register customer (HTTP POST)

curl -u -X POST --data-binary @customer.json <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer

Unsuspend customer ((HTTP POST with HTTP header)

curl -u  -X POST --header "x-operation: unsuspendCustomer"  <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer/12345678

Update customer (HTTP PUT)

curl -u  -X PUT --data-binary @customerUpdated.json <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer/12345678

Delete customer (HTTP DELETE)

curl -u  -X DELETE <server-url>/api/bss/resource/customer/12345678