Working with Files using CMIS
Added by IBM contributorPaul Bastide | Edited by Claudia R Elbourn on June 30, 2015
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The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard defines a domain model and Web Services and Restful AtomPub bindings that are used by applications to work with one or more content-management systems. LotusLive Files APIs conform to CMIS standard, version 1.0. The CMIS interface enables users to interact with the files and folders of a given user.
Use the IBM® Connections Files CMIS API to expose file application data using the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard via Open Authorization (OAuth). The Files CMIS API replaces the IBM SmartCloud™ for Social Business Filer API.

For more information about the IBM Connections Files CMIS API, see Files CMIS API in the IBM Connections wiki.
Method URI Description
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/my/servicedoc Gets the Service Document for the CMIS provider interface. The response data is XML, and contains links to the various repositories for the User.
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberid}/folderc/snx:files Gets the files for the Given Subscriber
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberid}/folderc/snx:virtual!.!filesownedby Gets the Files owned by the Subscriber
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/object/snx:file!{fileId} get full details about a file entry
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/objectp?p=/files/{fileName} get the details of a file given a filename
POST /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/folderc/snx:files upload a new file
PUT /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/object/snx:file!{fileId}/stream/{fileId} Updates a given file
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/object/snx:file!{fileId}/stream/{fileId} Downloads a Given File
DELETE /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/object/snx:file!{fileId} Deletes one version of a given file
DELETE /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/versions/snx:file!{fileId} Deletes all versions of a Given File
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/folderc/snx:comments!{fileId} Gets the Comments associated with a given File
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/folderc/snx:virtual!.!filessharedwith Get Files Shared with given subscriber
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/acl/snx:file!{fileId} Get a file's access control list
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/folderc/snx:collections Get Folders Owned By Me
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/folderc/snx:virtual!.!collectionssharedwith Get Folders Shared with me
GET /files/{auth}/cmis/repository/p!{subscriberId}/folderc/snx:collection!{collectionId} Get Files inside a Given Folder
Content Type: application/atom+xml
Name Type Optional Description
string Yes the unique identifier for the user
string No The ID of a given FILE
string No The name of a given file
string No the given folder id
enumerated No The authorization protocol being used by your application to access Connections Cloud.
Authorized values:
  • basic
  • oauth
Name Type Optional Description
int Yes Specify the max item number in result. Leave blank to not use this parameter
int Yes Specify the number of items that should be skipped in result. Leave blank to not use this parameter
string Yes Specify the CMIS properties (Comma separated) that you want return for each file entry. you should always include cmis:objectId,cmis:objectTypeId at a minimum. Leave blank to not use this parameter
string Yes Specify if to include ACL information in result. Value could be true or false. Leave blank to not use this parameter (only used with Files)
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated No The authentication mechanism selected by your application to access the API.
Basic is the Base64 encoding of the IBM Connections Cloud username and password: Base64(username:password). For example, Base64(
Bearer is the oauth 2.0 access token that is generated when the user grants your application access to IBM Connections Cloud services.
See the reference topic "OAuth 2.0 APIs for web server flow" for more information.
Authorized values:
  • bearer
  • basic
Code Description
Unauthorized. Returned when no authenticated user or no userid, email, or key parameter are provided on the request.