Working with activity nodes
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Using the Atom Publishing Protocol, also known as AtomPub, the user can create and update activity nodes, which are entries that the user can add to an activity to add content such as bookmarks, chats, email messages, files, and to-do items. A single activity can contain up to 2000 nodes. The uesr can create and update activity entries that the user owns or to which the user has edit access.


Creating activity nodes.


Creating an activity node from a template.


Retrieving activity nodes.


Updating activity nodes.


Deleting activity nodes.


Restoring activity nodes.
POST /activities/service/atom2/copyEntry Copying an activity entry.

See doc

Changing entry types.

Provide a revised activity node type Atom entry document.

Moving an entry to a section.


Moving fields between nodes.


Moving nodes under different activities or nodes.
POST /activities/service/atom2/activity Creating a large file field for activity nodes.
PUT /activities/service/atom2/activitynode Updating a large file field for activity nodes.


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