Working with wikis
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Using the Atom Publishing Protocol, also known as AtomPub, the user can get feeds of wikis and participants as well as create a wiki.
POST /wikis/{auth}/api/wikis/feed Creating a wiki.
GET /wikis/{auth}/api/wiki/{wiki-label}/entry Retrieving a wiki, if you plan to update the document and return it using a PUT request.
GET /wikis/{auth}/anonymous/api/wiki/{wiki-label}/entry Retrieving a wiki.
PUT /wikis/{auth}/api/wiki/{wiki-label}/entry Updating a wiki.
DELETE /wikis/{auth}/api/wiki/{wiki-label}/entry Deleting wikis.


Luis Benitez commented on Oct 13, 2014

Re: Public, User Profile, and Status feeds

Need to add the updatedSince and before parameters