Sven Bradtke commented on Aug 31, 2015

status update in smartcloud only available for 1 month

We can see status updates in our smartcloud only 1 Month. Is that a known issue (RTC#137739) ?

Mike S Wilcox commented on Apr 8, 2013

Re: Known Issues - Can not get past `Invite Guest`

We are trying to share a file and when we get to `Invite Guest` panel, we can not get past it.

The error is ` We encountered a problem with sending out invititations to the following ... `

`Try sending your invitation again.` I have tried Internet Explorer and Firefox, neither works.

I have tried several permutations of the names.. no luck. Any ideas ?

ED Larson commented on Dec 5, 2012

Re: Known Issues

Is there an updated support statement regarding Chrome for all SC4SB services? For instance - Meetings (Classic) didn't support Chrome. With Meetings (New), Hosting a meeting with App Share appears to work. Is it officially supported?

Reto Sigl commented on Feb 6, 2012

Re: LotusLive Known Issues

The menu item "9.20 Meetings for Mobile clients known issues" does contain broken links. Regards, Reto Sigl, IBM Switzerland