Aldo Aguirre commented on Jun 27, 2017

Re: Known Issues

Hi, for the A/V Workaround:

"If the organization is using the HTTP Proxy configuration with or without the PAC file, you need need to set the rule for the IBM Connections Cloud media destination servers as follows." Where this rule must be set??? Thanks!

Lars Buntrock commented on Mar 7, 2017

Re: Known Issues - Impersonation Cloud


Did you made changes to the impersonation process in the cloud?

By using the API with X-LConn-RunAs you create a blog, forums or wiki entry on behalf of another user.

But at the moment every call bring back the response "Forbidden".

Please contact me. It is urgent, because of a lot of customer problems at the moment!!!

Kenneth C Vearner commented on Sep 17, 2015

Re: Known Issues

The webplayer plugin for Meetings (New) does not appear to exist for OpenClient Linux 6.7 Edition and Firefox 41.0

When will we be able to Screen Share and recording meetings from a native Linux client and browser?

Sven Bradtke commented on Aug 31, 2015

status update in smartcloud only available for 1 month

We can see status updates in our smartcloud only 1 Month. Is that a known issue (RTC#137739) ?

Mike S Wilcox commented on Apr 8, 2013

Re: Known Issues - Can not get past `Invite Guest`

We are trying to share a file and when we get to `Invite Guest` panel, we can not get past it.

The error is ` We encountered a problem with sending out invititations to the following ... `

`Try sending your invitation again.` I have tried Internet Explorer and Firefox, neither works.

I have tried several permutations of the names.. no luck. Any ideas ?

ED Larson commented on Dec 5, 2012

Re: Known Issues

Is there an updated support statement regarding Chrome for all SC4SB services? For instance - Meetings (Classic) didn't support Chrome. With Meetings (New), Hosting a meeting with App Share appears to work. Is it officially supported?

Reto Sigl commented on Feb 6, 2012

Re: LotusLive Known Issues

The menu item "9.20 Meetings for Mobile clients known issues" does contain broken links. Regards, Reto Sigl, IBM Switzerland