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Best Practice Makes Perfect

A collaboration with Domino developers about how to do it and how to get it right in Domino

Without telling me, my wife submitted a picture I took of her, for Kodak's "picture of the day," and guess what! They selected it for display on their website and (every few minutes) on their big electronic billboard in Times Square, on May 18th -- that's this Sunday. If you don't happen to be able to get to Times Square on that day, you can see it, on on or after the 18th (link on bottom left of their home page).

Andre Guirard | 16 May 2008 07:00:00 AM ET | Home, Plymouth, MN, USA | Comments (1)


1) I’m a famous photographer!
Chris Blatnick | 5/16/2008 7:58:43 AM

Congratulations, Andre! That's very cool. I'll keep an eye out for it.

2) I’m a famous photographer!
Kevin Pettitt | 5/16/2008 9:28:23 AM

Yet another thing we have in common. Well the photographer part if not the famous part. Circa HS and college I was a camera gadget hound masquerading as a professional photojournalist. I'm now a computer gadget hound masquerading as a professional software engineer.

So congratulations are in order, but please don't go switching careers on us :-).

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