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Best Practice Makes Perfect

A collaboration with Domino developers about how to do it and how to get it right in Domino

Waiting for the keynote to start...

It's always a kick to come to Lotusphere -- and when I'm here, it seems to be a continuation of previous years, as if the chunks of my life that are Lotusphere are yanked out of the rest and arranged consecutively. Certain things are constants -- shin splints for one, from the basic conflict between having to walk at least three miles a day, and IBM's suggestion that we should be somewhat formally dressed. The food service's lame idea of gluten-free. The familiar faces.

Speaking of familiar faces, I want to confess a failing... I'm very, very bad with faces; borderline prosopagnosia. It's generally been the case that more people at Lotusphere know who I am, than I know. But even people I've had dealings with, I don't necessarily recognize them when I see them. So if you greet me and I don't seem to know who you are, or have to sneak a peek at your badge to refresh my memory, it's nothing personal. It doesn't mean I don't remember you; just having difficulty linking the face to the identity. It's always amazed me how easily people recognize others; for me, it's hard.

This year's conference is a little more exciting than most owing to my receiving this year's Penumbra Prism award. I'm honored, and glad that I've been able to build a good relationship with the business partner community. It's encouraging that other see value in my activities around developer enablement and best practices, and I see my role within IBM as a spokesperson for the developer and partner community from the technical perspective; I want to make sure that the features and fixes that go in are the ones that'll make development simpler and free of nasty surprises. When we add a new feature, I want to make sure it's done in a way that actually makes it useful in applications. That's not to say that I'm always consulted, but I weigh in when I get a chance.

Andre Guirard | 1 February 2011 08:37:30 AM ET | DL N. Hemisphere A-E | Comments (4)

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