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Best Practice Makes Perfect

A collaboration with Domino developers about how to do it and how to get it right in Domino

For those of you who've been doing server updates and having to deal with any resulting application issues, I'm seeking to compile a document to help developers and admins size this task and know what they need to do to prepare their apps.

I discussed the known Queryclose issue in my last post -- any other gotchas people would care to mention?

Andre Guirard | 4 November 2008 10:57:03 AM ET | Home, Plymouth, MN, USA | Comments (11)


1) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Darren Duke | 11/4/2008 12:06:48 PM

We have COM issues in 8.0.0 Standard with an ActiveX embedded object. This seems to have been fixed, an hopefully people will be moving to 8.0.1 or 8.0.2.

2) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
VJ | 11/4/2008 4:41:16 PM

While testing the Notes Apps on 8.0.2 standard client,the outline entries embedded on page element did not change colour, when selected or hovering over it.

3) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Theo Heselmans | 11/5/2008 2:47:00 AM

A small thing, easy to solve, but hard to trace:

If you embed a view on a form, and you leave the 'Show only current thread' on (by accident), this has no influence in 6 or 7, but initially returns empty in 8 (F9 will show up the data).

Otherwise, smooth upgrade as far as I know.

4) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Janko Stefancic | 11/5/2008 3:02:19 AM

1) If somebody uses the "PopUp" library in Windows it needs a little tweaking to work in Notes 8 Standard (because of extra windows)

2) More of hack than normal usage: a form with a small embedded view (which normally has only one document) and is linked to an embedded editor. In R6.5 and R7.x the one document gets focus on open (and shows in the embedded editor), while in R8 it doesn't and you have to click on the document in the embedded view. Is there a new setting for initial focus on form load?

5) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Davy Carmans | 11/5/2008 4:23:01 AM

I have one annoying issue but I think they are due to the changes done by IBM in the mail template.

I have a button who does "things" on selected documents in the mailbox.

Before, a document that was selected, was seen as 1 document when using "Set dc = uiview.Documents". Now, a document which "seems" to be selected (blue background in mailbox) is NOT seen anymore as a selected document in that function...

6) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Andy Herlihy | 11/5/2008 4:54:13 AM

Further to my colleague VJ's post earlier, Seems that when you hover over a link in an outline, the little hand does not appear to indicate the presence of a hotspot. I think colour change may be OK but need to check that again.

7) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Jan Lofgren | 11/5/2008 10:41:57 AM

We found a printer regression bug in the 8.0.2 client and got a fix pack from IBM last week after 5 weeks of waiting. It seems like they forgot to add the fixes in the 8.0.2 code from our last fixpack in 6.5.5.

Have a look at the 6.5.5 fix for more info.


8) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Mael Rivera | 11/5/2008 12:48:20 PM

This is a related issue.

If you use NotesSQL you'll need to upgrade to NotesSQL 8 - { Link }

9) Domino Directory Upgraded with Pernames.ntf, not pubnames.ntf
Gregg Bendtsen | 11/21/2008 6:19:37 PM

As you could imagine, something really weird happened to us. For reasons I do not know, and something that has been in our environment for probably 10 years, one of our servers had its KitType=1 in the Notes.ini. When we launched the server after the upgrade, it automatically upgraded the names.nsf, as advertised, but upgraded it with ther personal address book template (pernames.ntf) not the public address book template (pubnames.nsf). This, of course, replicated to our admin server. We called the symptoms into the helpline and worked on issues that weren't the source of the problem until my co-worker mentioned this setting and we figured it out. Only took about 4 hours to figure out and fix.

10) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Mike Minter | 11/26/2008 6:07:02 PM

I upgraded my custom mail file based on the iNotes6 template to be based on the Mail8 template. However, now when mail files based on that customized template are opened by a Notes 6.5.4 client they get a pop-up error message of "Not a member: OUTLINERELOAD". I know that this is a new class in the 8.0 mail file design. Any ideas on what I did wrong with my changes to cause this? It does not happen when mail files based on the regular Mail8 template are opened by the 6.5.4 client.

11) Requesting your list of 6.5.x - 8.0 app upgrade issues
Andre Guirard | 11/26/2008 6:37:42 PM

No, I don't know what's happening there. Did you try using the debugger on it? I would think it would check the version before attempting this new method.

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