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Best Practice Makes Perfect

A collaboration with Domino developers about how to do it and how to get it right in Domino

If you're reading this on the blog of Bruno Grange, please be advised that it was ripped off of the blog of Andre Guirard - . Much of this content seems to have been copied without permission.

Andre Guirard | 16 March 2011 10:51:16 AM ET | | Comments (5)


1) Wow. Carbon copy.
Jerry Carter | 3/16/2011 1:43:22 PM

Lame. And the obligatory "source" link is buried pretty well at the bottom of each post. Seems you have a sincere fan. It seems to be fairly automated as well (see your never mind then post on his site). Almost like someone has blindly (almost) set up a shell identity and set about filling the background with "the goods" to make Bruno seem like a legitimate expert. Probably someone trying to appear to have a depth of expertise they actually lack... like a person who for some reason suddenly needed to appear to be very legit and knowledgeable on something they may have very little actual value to add. Makes you go "hmmm... "

2) He’s actually listed as a co-author on a redbook...
Kevin Pettitt | 3/16/2011 2:36:51 PM

From his home page:

"The very first publication written by Bruno Grangê is now! Best Practices for Building Web Applications for Domino 8 is a manual brought to you in wiki format by IBM Redbooks and developerWorks.

This was the very first wiki hosted IBM ITSO's publication, which is a top reference for IT professionals interested in advisory. The opportunity of joining this project is a proof of Bruno's expertise in Lotus technologies.

Download the Redbook publication and expand your knowledge."

The link points to: { Link }

The full author list includes several familiar names, who can probably speak to his true credentials:

* Deb Landon

* Bruce Lill

* Bruno Grange

* Chris Toohey

* Jimmy Minata

* John Noltensmeyer

* Joseph D'Armi

* Lisa Schenkewitz

* Louis Orenstein

* Jennifer Heins

3) Rip-off of content
Karl-Henry Martinsson | 3/16/2011 3:16:45 PM

He claim to work for ISW in Australia. Mat newman works there (or at least with them), I did send him a mail with a heads-up... :-)

4) Open letter to Andre Guirard
Bruno Grange | 3/16/2011 8:16:11 PM

Dear Andre,

This is Bruno Grange.

I have been some time “out” of my Website, and I was recently advised by someone about this blog post and this entire situation.

Before anything, I would like to sincerely express that this was totally unintentional. I didn’t realize that this work was something that was not intended to be spread, as due to my lack of attention and time, I didn’t read all the content of your blog. My sole intention when I did this was to spread my love for this technology and all “Best Practices” related to it.

I have been using a tool that references content from other websites. That was an automatic unsupervised process, without any intention of acting without ethic and respect to all intellectual work. The tool would copy the content and include a source URL pointing back to the original post and author. However, after reading this, I also realize that some of the posts where written in “first person” speech, so, I understand how some people may have thought my intention was to post as if I was the author, but actually, my intention was to credit the original author through the source link. I now see that the source link does not provide enough awareness of the original author. As such, I have removed all of the content referencing your blog posts from the site, and have discontinued the use of the tool. I am deeply sorry for this entire situation and am working immediately to resolve this.

I will be very happy if you’d provide me your contact information so I could discuss this deeper with you, but in the meanwhile, I want to let you know that I unpublished ALL the content automatically created in my Website via that tool. I broaden my apologies for all the technical community, and I hope you may see that my intention was actually to spread your work, and never, to copy it.

I would like to also note that my website is my own personal work. It’s content and functionality is in no way linked to my employer, and especially should not reflect poorly on Mat Newman.

As a personal fan of your work, I hope you may sincerely understand my point.


Bruno Grange

5) re: Ripped off content
Andre Guirard | 3/17/2011 8:34:55 AM


It's not just about how it was credited, though that's certainly a consideration. Even with the correct author name displayed, and even with a link, it's uncool to quote something in full without permission. The copyright holder has a right to decide where their content will appear.

6) Copyright?
Jerry Carter | 3/17/2011 10:02:53 AM

Andre - completely agree with your point and understand how Bruno could have made an honest mistake in his zeal. I'm um, looking around this page though and don't see any copyright info... not even a creative commons notice, (c) IBM or anything. Just the disclaimer. In principle you're right, but without a "no trespassing" sign, I don't guess we can really hold trespassers at fault.

7) Copyright
Karl-Henry Martinsson | 3/17/2011 10:21:37 AM

@Jerry: One does not have to put a copyright message on any written text or images to have the copyright. That is a common misconception. The creator automatically owns the material he/she creates.

So with your comparison with trespasser, it is like saying "just because you did not lock your house and post a sign saying 'no burglary', we can't fault the person robbing your home".

{ Link }

"In all countries that are members of the Berne Convention, copyright is automatic and need not be obtained through official registration with any government office."

Brazil (Bruno's home country) signed the Berne Convention in 1922, and Australia (where he now lives) did it in 1928. So nothing recent...

So the short thing is that Andre does not need to publish a copyright notice, he automatically is the copyright holder.

It never hurt to add a copyright statement, but it is not needed.

8) Ah
Jerry Carter | 3/17/2011 3:00:18 PM

I see, thanks for clearing that up.

9) re: Where’s the copyright
Andre Guirard | 3/18/2011 9:04:23 AM

Actually, the "terms of use" of this website does cover the copying issue.

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