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Best Practice Makes Perfect

A collaboration with Domino developers about how to do it and how to get it right in Domino

One reason I haven't been posting here much recently, is that I've been working on LotusLive configuration tools, and I didn't think that would be of general interest. These would be the NSFs that end users download to configure their workstations to access LotusLive Notes, and the one that the on-premises administrator in a "hybrid" organization uses to set up their servers to communicate with LotusLive's servers to deliver mail, etc. It's a lot of complicated application development for the Notes client, which is what I love.

So I can talk about some of the ins and outs of LotusLive client and hybrid server setup, how users are migrated, how we know when to delete their old mail files, and so on, if that's of interest here. Or if you have topics you'd like to see more about, please respond in comments.

Andre Guirard | 8 June 2011 08:18:14 AM ET | Home, Plymouth, MN, USA | Comments (6)


1) what’s going on...
Wayne Sobers | 6/8/2011 8:51:58 AM

Yea, I'd find that kind of information interesting.

Any information on Notes NSF programming is interesting to me and it would make a nice little break from all the Xpages hype.

2) Love it.
Sam Sawatzky | 6/8/2011 10:16:35 AM

Ditto @1.

It would also be a good way for the current on-prem admins to get some "behind the scenes" exposure to LotusLive and LotusLive Hybrid config/setup.

3) Search via FTSearch and LotusScript
Timothy Briley | 6/16/2011 5:27:15 PM

I've noticed that over time you've written a bit about valid searches in Lotus Ntoes. Can you comment one way or another on whether or not this is a valid search method:

To find documents in a view containing an empty date field manually by using the search bar or programatically using notesView.FTSearch:

Not([fieldName] > 0)

If this is a valid method, why isn't it documented?

4) More please
Travis | 6/16/2011 5:38:05 PM

I can vouch for a few people in the Partner community who are supporting clients who are either already going the Lotus Live route or contemplating doing so soon who would love any insight you could provide.

5) More Search via FTSearch and LotusScript
Timothy Briley | 6/16/2011 9:24:28 PM

@3 - Can't believe I didn't spell "Notes" correctly. Doh!

6) Application hosting on Lotus Live?
Joseph LeMay | 6/21/2011 11:58:05 AM

Do you know if I'll ever be able to host my own custom nsf on Lotus Live? More of a question for sales and marketing, but it's very difficult to get a straight answer out of them.

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