Brian Lillie commented on Jul 27, 2009

The service

Prior to Notes 8.0.2, you would need to use the OSGi mechanisms (e.g. ServiceTracker) to obtain an instance of the CompositeApplicationUIService.

Starting in Notes 8.0.2, you could use the CompositeApplicationUIServiceFactory.getService() call to obtain an instance of the service.

This is the preferred mechanism over the use of the OSGi services.

Gregory W Roberts commented on Jul 15, 2009

The service

The service has been there. You can use this prior to 8.5.

Bob Balfe commented on Jul 9, 2009

You can use Program.launch() but...

That actually goes out to the OS and then back into the Notes process. The preferred method is to use the CA service.

Karsten HW Lehmann commented on Jul 8, 2009


Is the CompositeApplicationUIServer a 8.5 feature or has it been in the product before?

What about the standard Eclipse functionality Program.launch(url) with the CAI url of the Composite App? Does this also work?