Jeff Ryan_PFG commented on Apr 16, 2010

Property to Property Wiring

In following this tutorial, instruction #7 says to download the attachment. I don't see any attachments. Does anyone know where to find the source code for the example?

Luis Crespo commented on Feb 18, 2009

It works only after an edit session


Great example, I have tried it and it works perfectly for me. However, it works only after editing the composite application.

I mean, if I save the CA and then close xpd, open it again and open the CA, the combo in the source view is empty. I have to open again the CA editor, open the wiring view, close the wiring view, and close the CA editor, and then yes, the combo contains the property and the button publishes the property.

Does anybody have the same problem??? I am using XPD 6.2 GA.