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Invalid directory name or device not ready
Thomas c Leriche 05/09/2011 03:09 PM
General 6.5.1 Windows 2003

When opening a .NDL file from an email in either Outlook or Notes the user receives the following error. This error only occurs if Lotus Notes is already open on the PC.

"Invalid directory name or device not ready"

There is technotes provided by IBM that are all incorrect. The correct resolution is as follows:

1. Open RegEdit on Windows.
2. Locate HKEY_Classes_Root\Applications\Notes.exe\shell\open\command
3. Change this ==> "C:\peelapps\lotus\notes\notes.exe" "%1" to ==> C:\peelapps\lotus\notes\notes.exe %1
4. Restart Lotus Notes and you're done.

Spent many hours trying to fix this issue. So thought I'd post the resolution.

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