Eric Radloff commented on Mar 10, 2016

Re: Extending Dojo Rich Text Editor's Toolbar

Thank you for posting this, it was a godsend for us.

Hopefully these same changes will still work OK under Domino 9.0.1FP5.

Eric yan commented on Jun 15, 2009


I want to change the content of the widget thougth javascript.But it seems don't work.Any suggestion?

Nathan R Larkin commented on May 29, 2009

re: 6 Done

Still no resolution. I even restarted http and cleared browswer cache after the change was made.

Steve Leland commented on May 28, 2009

re: 6

Hi Nathan,

To get the new JavaScript behavior, you need to use Designer to open the form and set the rich text field's "Web Access" attribute (near the bottom of the first of the properties tabs) to Display Using JavaScript Control.


Steve Leland

Nathan R Larkin commented on May 28, 2009


Browsers cache cleared. The database is not local.

Do i have to do something to make this happen?

"Dojo Rich Text Editor when the rich text item's web editor is set to 'JavaScript'"

Steve Leland commented on May 27, 2009

Re: 3

Hi Nathan,

Let's start by eliminating the usual culprits - did you try clearing your browser's cache? Are you doing web preview in Designer on a local database?


Steve Leland

Steve Leland commented on May 27, 2009

Re: 2

Hi David,

I don't understand what you mean by 'substitute the dojo.require()' - could you explain / give an example?

If you want to provide a new widget, it has to go somewhere... if you don't want that to be the filesystem, you could put it in an nsf.

The dojo.require() understands things to be relative to the dojo.js file location. If you put your new widget in an nsf, I could imagine you would have to provide the entire Dojo install there too. Interesting idea!


Steve Leland

Nathan R Larkin commented on May 27, 2009


I am trying to get this to work using the Classic Web Server way. I want this to remain a server wide setting.

I have thus modified the dom_richtext.htm file with the following modifications:


as well as

extraPlugins: ['|', 'insertImage', 'createLink', '|']

I chose to leave 'formatblock' out of this Rich text control. I have also restarted http and have seen no changes to the rich text control. What am I missing here? I can be reached at nlarkin [at]

I would appreciate the help. This is a show stopper for me at the moment.

david t schiffer commented on Apr 20, 2009

Notes only

Hi, thats what I am looking for -Great

But will there be any way to do this jst in notes, without copying something to the filesystem?

My problem is how to substitute the dojo.require().

Do you know any way to do this?

kind regards

John Mackey commented on Apr 6, 2009

Nice Article!

Great Article Steve! I've been looking to extend the toolbar to add in the createLink plugin for awhile now.

Thanks for putting this together.


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