Francesco Sarzana commented on Jun 12, 2009

A few request for completion

1. The script library "login" searches for a "GIF" to test for login ( if(String(data).substring(0,3)=="GIF").

While this is OK for Firefox it does NOT work for IE7 (as noted in a comment).

The commenter suggest to look for a "LOGIN" text in a small text file, so I created a LOGIN.txt file with just the word LOGIN in it and now I test for


=>> it works in IE BUT does NOT work in FIREFOX !!!

Any suggestion how to make it work for BOTH??

2. In another comment they say:

"I used your solution even when anynymous is no access. (by redirecting the domcfg login form to an xpage with the popup login). Works like a charm."

Any idea HOW to code for an ATOMATIC show of the POP-UP Dojo window?!?!?