John Mackey commented on Apr 11, 2009

This was reported as a bug

I see Paul Hannan identified this as a bug. Apparantly there is no oprion for selecting that the values are "Computed Dynamically" and instead it is set to compute on "Pageload".

Paul posted a workaround:

Go to the Source pane for this control and replace in the source the '$' with '#'

Here's the full post:

{ Link }


Maire Kehoe commented on Apr 2, 2009

Updating comboBox values on Xpage

You should not call reloadPage(), as that is discarding the existing values in the other fields.

It will re-display the current page by default anyway, unless you navigate away from the current page.

For an example of 2 combo boxes, where the values in the 2nd depend on the selection in the 1st,

open this page and scroll down to Scenario C:

Matthew Torres commented on Mar 6, 2009


Greetings, I was wondering if anyone had a working example of this feature?


Stephan H. Wissel commented on Nov 18, 2008

Session Scope mit not be such a good idea

If you put the variable into the session scope every form will see that value (like 2 open tabs in your browser or the next form you open). Partial update should work when you pick an element (e.g. panel) than includes both elements. Also have you tried to access the element directly:

var categoryComp = getComponent("cbCategory")

if (categoryComp == null) {return new Array()};

var category = categoryComp.getValue();

if (category = "") {return new Array()};

.... @DbLookup ...

Robert Mcdonagh commented on Nov 18, 2008

oops, make that 'instead of requestScope'

*sigh* Need more coffee...

Robert Mcdonagh commented on Nov 18, 2008


What if you use the sessionScope instead of the responseScope? Then reloading the page will still find the value within the sessionScope and your disappearing values issue goes away, right?