charles a Ross commented on Feb 18, 2013

Re: Using the XPages Data Table Container Control

Wonderful - concise, simple and to the point. Thanks!

Pascal Vachon commented on Jul 14, 2009

Good stuff!

Very interesting... Thanks!

sean cull commented on Mar 25, 2009

Great example


thanks for your demos - they really help

One thing that I have not seen is the equivelant of a datagrid auch as in flex and dojo

{ Link }

i.e a spreadsheet like table with click columns and the data fully loaded in one go.

Are there any plans to add this functionality to xPages in the future ?

On a releated note the flex datagrids allow you to join two sets of data ( say from 2 domino views as xml ) into one grid - is there a way of joing data sets into one domino databatable or repeat - e.g. creating a document collection whith some rows from one source and some from another e.g invoices and archived invoices from a seperate database

Thanks again, Sean

Paul Hannan commented on Nov 12, 2008

Thanks John.

John Mackey commented on Nov 11, 2008

Vey nice Paul!

This is a great demo. Nice work!