Domenico Francullo commented on Mar 24, 2009

HTTP 403 is resolt

On the document server (Security Tab) I set "Sign agents or Xpages to run behalf of the invoker" and then i sign the DB.

Sorry for all

Domenico Francullo commented on Mar 24, 2009

HTTP 403

I started studying Xpages and I downloaded Profile.nsf.

Installed on the server. When I try to open

{ Link } I get error HTTP 403.

I have to configure anything on the server?

Thanks for the help

Ramli Xu commented on Feb 23, 2009

Error in deteting friends..

Hi Paul,

I found this Error when I want to delete friend from the list.


Problem submitting an area of the page.

Unable to load /Profile.nsf/profile.xsp?$$ajaxmode=axfull&$$ajaxid=

view:_id1:_id2:_id6:friendsContainer status:500

Submitthe entire page?


I already follow all the instruction from your PDF, and compare with your given code (your complete sample can work well), but still can not solve the problem.

Anything that I miss ?

David Leedy commented on Feb 5, 2009

Link Broken

It doesn't look like the link to the PDF is working.

{ Link }