Pete Rawlings commented on Nov 5, 2013

Re: Tutorial: Introduction to XPages - Exercise 18

I am doing this exercise on R9 and changing a Theme via Application properties does nothing . BUT I did find in the Application Configuration/XSP Properties/Source this value xsp.theme=oneuiv2_1_purple.theme (I changed from blue to purple and IT WORKED)

Kevin Donahue commented on May 26, 2010

Tutorial: Introduction to XPages - Exercise 18

If you are using 8.5.1, go to the XPages tab to change the theme.

Patrick Tuin commented on Nov 20, 2009

Tutorial: Introduction to XPages - Exercise 18


Check the source, it might be between comment tags

Sheryl C Banks commented on Nov 15, 2009

Tutorial: Introduction to XPages - Exercise 18

In step 4, on the second image the checkbox "Enable..." is not checked. For me the picklist was not accessible until the box is checked. Even then, changing this option did not effect the change in the application. Only when I switched to the 'Xpages' view in Designer and changed the application theme and selected to override on Web was the visual display effected. What might be wrong that caused the tutorial method to not work for me?

Robert Shaver commented on Sep 4, 2009

Suggestions to improve this article (which I like)

Good article but leaves me with some questions.


A. In step 3.6 it says, "Create a Theme for your own application (scrapbook or profiles)". How do I create my own theme?

B. What does "(scrapbook or profiles)" mean?

C. The code fragment that follows is repeated in the screen fragment image. I think the image is clear enough especially if you show the "before" theme code in another screen fragment image and circle the code to be changed. I also would like to see what the code was before to match with the screen fragment image of the "before" form.

D. The whole article format could benefit from a bit more white space between elements.

Thanks for writing it.