S S Haggerty commented on May 9, 2017

Re: Using Properties on an XPage


var resBundle:java.util.PropertyResourceBundle = dojoPivotProperties;


} catch(e){



Robert F Harwood commented on Jan 13, 2012

Re: Using Properties on an XPage


Dharmesh Bhakta commented on Mar 2, 2011

Re: Using Properties on an XPage

I don't know if it's my env. but I'm not able to get this context.getProperty() to return the property I'm setting in the application's xsp.properties file. However, I'm getting the property value that are already there. It's only for the one that I'm adding to the xsp.properties file I am unable to retrieve. Any idea?

Robert Shaver commented on Sep 4, 2009

Can properties be used in any other Notes elemets

This article is very useful, collecting all aspects of properties into one place. I wonder, can these properties be accessed in any other Notes elements such as pages, forms, views and agents?