Simeon A Hafner commented on May 21, 2013

Re: Partial Update Feature in XPages

This was exactly what I was looking for and you also showed that it is so simple.

Thank you.

Jeramie O Maratas commented on Jul 8, 2010

Video: Demonstration of the Partial Update Feature in XPages

Hi. Thank you for the demo. Can I specify 2 or more IDs to refresh? If so, how do I separate them?

Rico Pelanconi commented on May 12, 2009

AJAX made easy

Thank you.

sean cull commented on Feb 19, 2009

Partial Updates

Hi Teresa, thanks for this demo video.

I have been messing about with a simple two stage lookup and partial refreshes ( based loosely on Pauls Country / City example ) . I can see that the status bar does no change but when I look at the HTTP response it appears to include data for the whole page e.g. static html unconnected with the combo boxes.

Could you post your demo database or direct me to some other resources that explore the idea of partial updates in more detail

Thanks, Sean